blob            DeKe-LED History

2010 Founded Huizhou RuiKe Photoelectric Co.,Ltd.,The main business:The domestic market LED display project and wireless LED display cluster management system research and development.

2011 Wireless LED display cluster management system was officially launched the same year to sign the main customers: Meiyijia 3000 stores LED display and Chery Automobile 600 4S shop door LED display.

2012 The company officially changed its name to: Huizhou DeKe Photoelectric Co., Ltd., the business range from the original LED display on the basis of an increase of solar traffic warning product development and production.

2013 Company GPRS and 3G traffic LED display exported to Malaysia and Taiwan market, the same year LED traffic display has also been recognized by domestic customers praise.

2014 The company began research and development and production of solar warning lights, solar barricade light products are exported to Southeast Asia market.

2015 The company successfully participated in the 2015 Shenzhen Transportation Exhibition and the establishment of the company's foreign trade team.

2016 The company successfully participated in the 2016 Netherlands global traffic exhibition and the 2016 Beijing traffic exhibition, Guangzhou International Road Traffic Safety Products Expo, to be continued......