3D LED display

- Jun 25, 2018-

The 3D led display adopts adaptive video source technology and is fully compatible with 3D video sources. To display 3D images on the monitor, the refresh rate of the monitor must be greater than 120 Hz. The higher the frequency, the better the 3D effect and the more comfortable the human eye feels. 3D LED display refresh rate up to 2000HZ is much larger than ordinary LCD monitors, 3D LED display technology from the beginning of the separation of 3D technology to polarized 3D and shutter 3D technology, naked eye 3D technology is under development, in the future may not need 3D glasses, direct Experience stunning 3D effects.


Active polarization is now a relatively new technology, 120MHz high refresh rate screen alternately emit horizontal and vertical light, respectively to the left and right eye viewing.