Aviation Obstacle Light Setting Distribution (down)

- Dec 25, 2018-


The obstacle light that the place that appearance is broad building group sets should be able to see the outline of the building from each respect, horizontal direction also can refer to the space that sets obstacle light with 45 meters left and right sides

For facilities or tower 105 meters high object the top of the tower, etc., should be set up at its tip in light intensity type A obstacle lights, and as the white flash, the lower layer set up in the red light intensity type B obstacle lights by type A light intensity in the obstacle lights marking the obstacles or near the top than the surrounding ground buildings (when obstacles surrounded by multiple buildings) at the top of the elevation above 105 meters above, must be in the middle of adding obstacle lights intermediary obstacle lights must be depending on the situation at the top obstacles lights or near to the top of the building with the ground elevation between as much as possible in order to not more than 105 meters high Settings

Ultra-high objects (such as radio and television towers, large-span diagonal bridges, etc.) above 150 meters should be equipped with high-intensity A-type obstacle lights at the top, and should be used with medium and high-intensity obstacle lights.

The ultra-high voltage transmission line tower shall be equipped with high-light intensity type B obstacle light, and the three-layer synchronous flash position shall be the lowest point of the tower top cable droop and the middle position of the two, and shall be set outside the tower along the cable routing direction.