Common Problems With Solar Road Stud

- Dec 07, 2017-

一. The resistance value is not qualified: The product installed on the road, the pressure above the problem, the product is either crushed or separated from top to bottom, which is in fact caused by unreasonable structure, the main performance of unreasonable structure:

1. Internal hollow, not resistant to pressure.The damage of the inner Hollow is also shown on the LED lampshade, which is destroyed because of the hollow, then the LED itself will be destroyed.Detection method: After the whiteboard out, the steel ball one meter height free fall, vertical impact of the solar spike LED lamp shade part, see its lampshade is not bad.

2. The wrong with nail foot structure: The solar spike with nails, divided into two parts, the lower part of the base with a nail, the top of the solar panels, led and shade part, the upper and lower two parts with a few screws connected to the 2014, most of the spike in the foot of the solar spike is used When the product is installed on the pavement and fixed with glue, it is actually only fixed and glued to the lower half of the solar spike, and the upper half is fixed to the lower part by a few small screws.The most common problem with spikes of solar spikes is the separation of the upper and lower parts, in the process of rolling the vehicles, a few screws too thin, the power is too small, the car pressure a few, the top of the fly off.The more stable without pin, the solar spike without spikes, the whole spike is glued to the ground, spikes with spikes, the top is quite with a few screws fixed to the ground.

二.False reflective authentic reflective mold is in the needle-type electroforming motherboard electroforming, precision is very high, and the motherboard has been used several times, it is necessary to remove and polish, to ensure the reflective mode core of the back-luminosity.This kind of pin-type motherboard in the world only a few companies will do, some of the domestic small electroforming factory does not have the ability to use pin-type motherboard calls cast.This also caused a seemingly reflective film products, in fact, not reflective of the situation.Reflective Plate Identification method: The solar spike in 10 meters, hand with a small flashlight, the flashlight between the two eyes, light irradiation product surface, to observe whether the reflective.