Cone solar traffic warning light

- Oct 23, 2019-

The solar warning light is a traffic light with solar energy as its energy source. It acts as a warning to vehicles coming and going at intersections to reduce traffic accidents.

No need for external power supply, no wiring, easy installation, no pollution. During the day, the battery board faces the side with the sun, which is beneficial to use solar energy to generate electricity and save it for warning. At night, the warning light is attached to the building. On, turn on the power switch, which will serve as a warning at night. When used on the car, it can be placed in the rear window or attached to the rear of the car. This helps to absorb the sun. When the car fails, it can avoid rear-end collision.



1. Avoid dark and humid places to extend battery life.

2. Place the lamp in a place with enough sunlight to store energy. When not in use, it is best to

charge the battery every 3 months to avoid damage to the battery.

3. Turn off the switch during charging to extend battery life.

4. Avoid dropping the lamp from a height to protect the internal circuit from damage.

5. If the light is dimmed, it is best to charge it in time to ensure sufficient charging time to extend battery life.