Electronic Outdoor Led Display Applications (down)

- Jan 05, 2019-



Once upon a time, the quiet campus hung with a variety of conspicuous banners, wind and rain, has lost its original color, after the rainy season, tattered.That scenario no longer exists.Nowadays, the old banner is not hung in front of the campus gate or the teaching building, but the LED display screen, which is windproof, rainproof and more conspicuous in color.The school issues the latest school regulations, notices and campus dynamics at will through the Led screen, so that teachers and students can see and learn in the first time.LED display screen is more and more popular in the application of the campus, its good publicity effect and fast and convenient information transmission, get more and more favor, in the school set LED display screen has become a trend



In tourist attractions, LED display information release system is used to release tourist image publicity videos, scenic management regulations, weather forecast, scenic recommendation, warm tips, emergency announcements and current affairs news to tourists in the form of rolling broadcast.During the holidays, real-time release of the flow of people in the scenic area, parking space vacant situation, so that tourists can intuitively understand the situation of the scenic area, to provide convenience for tourists, but also conducive to the management of the scenic area.The LED display screen in the scenic area not only serves tourists better, but also plays a positive role in improving the image of the scenic area.

In the modern tourism industry, the theme park is a development characteristic.In order to create high-quality user experience, theme park projects are required to have more features in project design, product presentation, interaction with the audience and other aspects.As the main carrier of information presentation and human-computer interaction, the large-screen display system undertakes the important mission of shaping the unique attraction of theme parks.As a result, LED displays provide a higher standard of user experience on hardware devices and software services.