Electronic outdoor Led display applications (up)

- Jan 05, 2019-



LED display to cherish its advantages, and gradually replace the traditional billboards, three prints, light boxes, etc., as advertising a new force of the coal, compared with the traditional media, LED display screen can display text, images and video, with intuitive, image, vivid display forms to attract more attention, more mandatory and sex.In the densely populated commercial district, the square does the advertisement propaganda, the dissemination way is novel, sets up the dissemination main body's good image.Wider perspective, wider communication range, more audience, can produce greater advertising benefits.The main application places of advertising media LED display are busy streets, shopping malls, shopping center, square park, jingyu building, landmark buildings and so on.



Transportation is a large application market of LED display, is also a big application window, in the busy street intersection or highway, will establish traffic induction LED display, these screens are generally controlled by the control center and unified, in combination with other traffic monitoring equipment, automatic according to traffic information to display the traffic flow and congestion, make reference to travelers to choose the optimal county also have according to the weather conditions such as traffic regulations, remind the driver to drive safely, and have the function of the signpost.The main application sites are urban main roads, road clusters, highways and other places.