Former maintenance LED display

- Jun 19, 2018-

        After several decades of development of LED display products, competition has become increasingly intense. Products are continuously updated, technology continues to iteratively upgrade, energy saving, environmental protection, and intelligence have become the trend of product development.

   The maintenance of LED display screens has become difficult for many customers. For customers who use inlays and wall-mounted installations, the maintenance and repair work becomes very arduous. LED display products must not only meet the standardization, but also meet the simplification in order to meet the growing demand of the mass market.

        The emergence of pre-maintenance LED displays has fundamentally solved the problem of complex maintenance. During the use of the front maintenance LED display, once the display failure occurs, it is only necessary to unscrew from the front of the display screen so that the problem module can be repaired or replaced, and the maintenance of the LED display can be simplified.