How does the LED display handle the harsh outdoor environment?

- Dec 01, 2017-

As an outdoor advertising use of LED display, its use of the environment than the general requirements of the display much higher.Outdoor LED display in the use of the process, due to different circumstances, often by high temperature, typhoons, rainstorms, thunder and other bad weather, to let the display screen in bad weather, we must do a good job to ensure safe operation.Outdoor LED display in inclement weather precautions.

1. High temperature, outdoor LED display is usually large area, in the application process of large power consumption, the relative distribution of heat is also large, coupled with the external temperature is higher, if the problem can not be resolved in a timely manner, it is likely to cause circuit board heating short-circuit and so on.In the production, to ensure that the display circuit board in good condition, choose to help the design of heat dissipation.In the installation, according to the device condition, adhere to the display of the condition of good ventilation, when needed to add heat to the display equipment.

2. Anti-typhoon, outdoor LED display installation location is different, the installation of the same way.In the typhoon season, in order to make outdoor LED display screen body does not drop, the display of the load-bearing steel frame structure is strict.To be in strict accordance with the standard of typhoon-resistant design and installation, but also have a certain degree of earthquake resistance, to ensure that outdoor LED display will not fall caused by casualties and other hazards.

3. To prevent heavy rain, south rain weather, so the LED display itself will have a high waterproof protection level can not encounter rain erosion.Outdoor use in the environment, outdoor LED display to achieve IP65 protection level, the module to be through the potting package, the selection of waterproof box, with a waterproof plastic ring to connect the module and box.

4. Anti-lightning, outdoor LED display of lightning mainly:

4.1. Direct Lightning protection: Outdoor LED display is not in the vicinity of the direct lightning protection within the high-rise buildings, need to install the top of the display steel or near the lightning rod;

4.2. Induction Thunder Protection: Outdoor LED Display power supply system to do 1-2-level power supply lightning protection, signal line installed signal Lightning Protector, at the same time, the room power system to do 3-level mine-protected, signal out/into the machine room equipment end to install signal lightning-proof device;

4.3. All LED display lines (power supply and signal) should be shielded and buried;

4.4.Outdoor LED display front and the computer room grounding system should meet the system requirements, the general front-end grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 4 ohms, the room grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 1 ohms.