How to distinguish quality of LED display

- Oct 23, 2017-

How to distinguish quality of LED display

1、Flatness:LED display of surface roughness in ±1mm within, to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted.Raised or recessed part leads to the viewing angle of the display appears dead.Flatness of the LED display is mainly determined by the manufacturers process.

2Brightness and viewing angle:Indoor full color brightness in 800-2000cd/m2,Outdoor full color brightness in 5000—7500cd/m2can guarantee the screen working, otherwise it will because the brightness is too low or too high the displayed image is not clear.Brightness is mainly decided by the LED chip Crystal size.Audience directly determines the size of the viewing angle display, hence the angle, the greater the better.Its size is determined primarily by core packages.

3White balance effect:The white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display,Color being red, green, and blue primaries appears to 1:4.6:0.16 the proportion of pure white,If the actual percentage point deviation deviation of white balance occurs, generally pay attention to white-blue or yellow and green.The white balance is mainly decided by the display control system, core reduction also has effects on the color.

4Chromatic aberrationColor refers to the color difference between adjacent modules there is a clear, color transitions in module units, poor color phenomenon is mainly caused by the control system, high levels of gray, caused by lower scanning frequency.

5Color reduction:Color reduction refers to the display of the color reduction,Display colors to color was very consistent with the source, to ensure the realism of the image.

6Mosaic, the phenomenon of deadMosaic refers to the module appears on the display unit color uneven results, always or often black and the small four-square, necrosis of that module, the main reason for the connector of the display faulty.Dead screen appears always or often black on a single point, how many of the dead determined primarily by core.