How to effectively avoid the outdoor LED display water seepage

- Nov 21, 2017-

We are very clear that as outdoor LED display to face the biggest problem is how to effectively water, dust, lightning protection.Outdoor LED display lamp bead conventional is belongs to the MSD component, in the humid rainy weather to the LED screen is a major challenge.So how can the outdoor screen be more effective to do the water drainage measures?

Outdoor LED screen itself in the environment because compared to the interior is relatively complex, it not only to consider the problem of moisture, but also effective waterproof and other thunder and lightning maintenance work, especially in some rainy season areas.Central, South China, north China, southwest more, because most of the river is sultry, high temperature, humidity heavy, box module device easy expansion deformation;In east China, because of the coastal saline fog climate, typhoons, fog, heavy rain and many other bad weather, coupled with high temperature and humidity;However, east China is more than the rainy season, high temperature, humidity, small wind speed, light is scarce, so easy to cause device components mold.What should we do with the water?We suggest that you can follow the following methods:

一.With the fastest speed with the blower or other tools, the water of the LED screen body completely blown dry.

.The fully blown screen after the aging.Specific steps are as follows:

1. Set all white brightness to 10%, power aging 7-15 hours.

2. Set all white brightness to 30%, power aging 15 hours.

3. Set all white brightness to 60%, power aging10-26 hours.

4. Set all white brightness to 80%, power aging10-26 hours.

5. Set all white brightness to 100%, power aging7-15 hours.

三. Dont put the already leaking led screen into the air box, because it will be easy to smother the LED lamp, and may also be harmful to those good.found that the air box may be flooded, should be exposed to all air boxes, to prevent the water in the box after the infiltration into the LED display.All the water tank and the screen body if not timely treatment will affect the stability of the screen, so in the process of emergency treatment, the screen may occur after the phenomenon of death lights.All the water LED display screen body in the air box.More than 48 hours of screen body is basically no repair value.

    In addition, whether indoor LED display or outdoor LED display, the most effective way to avoid damp damage display function is to use long time, because the working state of the display itself will produce some heat, can evaporate some water vapor, so it will greatly reduce the possibility of damp-induced short-circuit.Therefore, it is recommended that the LED screen display be used at least once a week for more than five hours in wet rainy season.