How to prolong the service life of LED display

- Dec 20, 2017-

Each product will have a life span, just different from the length of time, the same LED display is no exception, if used incorrectly will shorten its service life.Universal LED display manufacturers have produced the display time is generally 10W hours, if the 24 hours per day to sleep endlessly calculated about 11 years, of course, such data generally only the industry will be so clear.In fact, its service life and personal maintenance and reasonable use of LED display is closely related, according to the precise statistics of general LED display use is probably 5-10 years, the quality of the LED display also in the 10 years or so.If the outdoor LED display life may be shorter.If we pay a little attention to some details during use, we can extend one of its extended cycles well.

First , we also know the lamp beads and IC cards and other electronic components of the brand, and then to the switching power quality, these are very direct impact on the LED electronic display life of the important factors.Therefore, when we do project planning, we should choose the quality of reliable LED lamp beads and switching power supply.In addition, in the process of production, should pay attention to good anti-static measures, such as wearing hand electrostatic ring, wear anti-static clothing, as far as possible to choose dust-free workshop and production line, to minimize the failure occurred.Before the product factory as far as possible to ensure that the aging time, to achieve the factory qualified percent hundred percent.At the same time in the transport process, good product packaging, some products in the packaging marked fragile.

For outdoor LED display, it is necessary to do a good job of perimeter security equipment, do a good job in preventing thunder and lightning prevention of sand surge, and so on, in the stormy weather as far as possible do not use outdoor screen.Pay attention to the extent of environmental change to protect the screen, as far as possible not to put in the dust in the indoor environment, because many of the display inside the water is strictly prohibited, we only have good rain prevention measures.Select the right heat dissipation equipment, according to international standards to install cooling fan or air-conditioning, screen body around and internal parts as far as possible to do dry ventilation.

Finally, the day-to-day maintenance of LED display is also crucial, time to clean the screen due to accumulated dust, so as not to affect the display of a cooling function.When playing ads or display text content, as far as possible not to be in the whole white or full green picture, to avoid the current amplification, cable fever caused by short-circuit problems such as the fault.Another night to play video program, according to the brightness of the environment to adjust the brightness of the screen to adapt to the environment, so as not only can save energy, but also very good extension of the LED Display service life.Li-Li to believe that as long as you do the above, your LED display will be able to add a few years on the original basis.