How to set the air barrier light

- Jul 10, 2017-

The main purpose of the air barrier lights is to mark the overall contour of the building, mainly highlight the visual and visual heights of building, therefore, in the design of the barrier lights, the need to comply with the latest 2015 aviation barrier lamp specifications to the floor design, in the building of the overall structure of the logo, not to the surrounding residents of the normal life, such as light pollution and so on.

The aviation obstacle lamp setting does not have the fixed layer number and the quantity, needs to provide the building CAD drawing, then by the manufacturer technical personnel or the Design Institute's designer to the aviation barrier lamp arrangement, among them, the aviation obstacle lamp perpendicular height achieves as far as possible, the most is 45 meters interval, an ultra high type building, need high aviation obstacle lamp, medium light strong aviation obstacle lamp or low light strong aviation obstacle lamp collocation together set.

Consider the way the air barrier lights blink, and then to choose whether the need for air barrier lamp controller, or GPS wireless signal control and the main auxiliary lamp and so on to control.