Installation Method And Debugging Of Indoor LED Display

- Nov 27, 2017-

Indoor LED display to be used well, its installation and commissioning links are indispensable.Display manufacturers know that indoor building, maintenance of LED screen skills will be a powerful promotion of brand advertising, information display dissemination of the conduct of each LED display manufacturers must be familiar with the technology, LED display installation has four of important links.

1. In order to give customers a better use of products, we should give customers follow-up testing and maintenance.Follow-up testing includes a wide range of comparisons, such as whether the LED screen waterproof, fast cooling, LED display waterproof coating, screen above the rain range, both sides of the cooling air, power supply lines and so on, the basic components of these products constitute the entire stable good graphics and text LED display.Also give the LED screen enterprise to customers trust degree has laid a solid foundation.Of course, the late technical maintenance is also important, we not only to these components to carry out a unified management and maintenance, let it encounter products rust, instability, damage a variety of display can’t be used under normal circumstances need to be replaced in a timely manner, and to ensure that the entire display of safe and normal use.

2. In addition we must carry on the field survey according to the actual situation.That is, indoor LED display installation, technical personnel should help customers for specific environment, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance and other parameters of the unified test, in order to ensure the smooth installation of billboards, require lifting the installation, the command must be carried out in accordance with the unified Lifting program implementation, to ensure that it can be intact, Stable use of the product equipment.According to different circumstances, to take a more appropriate approach.

3. According to the results of the field survey to determine the specific plan, we will be led equipment to build, for some indoor led billboards, to differentiate between the wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof-type advertising screen.The actual installation, should be based on the height of the distance, with the crane and hoist for the section hoisting, while ensuring that the above personnel cooperate with each other, for high-altitude led advertising screen, there is a better installation and use of the process.During the construction process, safety and refinement operation is the first requirement.

4. Set up finish, in order to achieve the best dissemination effect, as the screen manufacturers also have to carry out the scope of light-emitting radiation debugging.Because each radiation range is different, therefore, the angle of the LED display is different, to be based on the field to accept the ability and the scope of the usual visual angle of the indoor LED display fixed installation work to ensure that every angle afar, you can see the normal, brightness balance of the image, subtitle information, large viewing angle with the appropriate brightness, To maximize the benefits of the user.