LED Aviation Obstruction Light

- Oct 24, 2017-

Solar aviation obstruction light is a constant lit or flashing red light, to indicate potential risk to aviation obstacles.The Gloaming (telecommunications, GSM, microwave and TV), cranes, smokestacks, buildings, stadium lighting a beacon, high voltage transmission tower.Without an external power supply, by itself is equipped with efficient silicon solar panels, high efficiency and low temperature maintenance-free battery power, can guarantee the normal work 20 days in rainy days in a row.

Lampshade made of transparent material, light body with ultra long-life High-Brightness LED light source.Light control control, automatically open nights or foggy weather, automatically shut down during the day, reliability, flashing cycle can be set according to need.Shock, lightning-proof and resistant to sunlight, rain and snow resistant, resistant to the attack of typhoons, hail and other severe weather