LED display four advantages:

- Jan 18, 2018-

In the outdoor advertising market, LED large screen advertising has become an important outdoor advertising communication media with the advantages of strong relevance with target consumer groups, strong visual impact of performance, advertising updates flexible, Low labor costs, popular with customer and high coverage.

Compared with the LCD brush machine, LED display advantage is mainly reflected in the following points:

1. the area of ductility, LCD area is difficult to achieve a large seamless stitching, LED display can be extended, and seamless splicing.

2. LCD plasma screen brightness decay quickly, generally , you need to replace it after running a year or half of year but the LED display canoperating at least five years the same conditions.

3. LED scrubbing machine can use interactive technology to enhance the brush machine as the advertising media and the interaction between the advertising audience, such as custom touch screen, broadcast technology to achieve cloud management management.

4. In terms of display, LED display of high brightness, wide viewing angle and good color reproduction capability is also better than the LCD screen. LED flash screen machine is generally used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed rail, subway, theater, exhibitions, office buildings, target customers with high consumption level, having great advertising value.