LED display optional reference:

- Jan 23, 2018-

LED production process requirements are high, not all companies have the appropriate strength, resulting in the quality of the market LED display varies greatly. LED lamp optical system design requirements are very precise, LED tube and condenser cup size is very small, the relative position of the two with a higher requirement, a small deviation, the light to reach the stage location will be a big gap. In order to meet the design requirements, the process requires manufacturers make a large number of LED tube consistency screening, taking into account the LED tube in the circuit board welding slurry thickness of the gap, manufacturers will use automated laser welding process.

In addition, the heat dissipation issue directly affects the LED luminous efficiency. Normally, high-quality LED display solve the heat problem in the design and process , The led have more than 30,000 Hours Lifetime, but the design or poor process LED display may be only a few thousand hours or even shorter life.

From the advanced automatic operation machinery to the strict quality control of the production process (including the aging of the middle parts), every link affects the LED display.

For the enterprise Professional development, design, strict production management, the selection of components, materials, advanced automation machinery, and the strict quality control production process (including the Product components of aging ), each process affects the LED display quality.