LED Indoor display mainly has the following several installs the way:

- Nov 02, 2017-

1. Hanging installed (wall mount) applicable to 10M2 of indoor LED display.The wall body is required to be a solid wall or a concrete beam at the hanging place.Hollow brick or simple stall is not suitable for this installation method.

2. Rack mount is suitable for 10M2 of LED display, and easy to repair.Other specific requirements are the same as wall mount.

3. Hoisting: Applicable to 10M2 below the display, this installation must be suitable for installation of the location, such as a beam or over the beam at the top.and the display screen body generally needs to add the back cover.

4. Seat: Movable seat, means the stand is machined separately, placed on the ground, can move;Stationary seating, which is a fixed type of seat that is connected to the ground or wall.