LED solar street light knowledge(2)

- Nov 19, 2019-

First, the solar street light device moment. It should be installed on a sunny day. If it is installed on a rainy day, it will only consume electricity and not charge after lighting.

Second, the solar street light installation should not be lit on the day. Many engineers are lighting up the night after the installation in order to be eager to see the light. Because the new battery is not fully charged at the factory, if it is turned on at the end of the device, it will not reach the number of rainy days depicted. The correct way is, after the device is finished, connect the controller, but do not connect to the load. After charging the battery for one day on the next day, the load is connected at dusk, so that the capacity of the battery can reach a higher level. Of course, doing so will add a portion of the labor cost.


Third, the viewpoint of the solar street light panel, usually the manufacturer is drawn at an angle of 45 degrees, so as to ensure that the winter can have a better charge. However, the direction angle is determined by the device. When assembling the solar panel underground, it is found that the light pole is established in the future, and there is an error in the viewpoint. If the error is similar, it will usually not be adjusted. Such a viewpoint error, in addition to affecting the charging thinking, will also affect the solar panel voltage under the same illuminance, which will cause a large error in the turn-on time of the solar street light. Therefore, when assembling on the ground, try to adjust the azimuth of the solar panel to be consistent!