LED solar street light knowledge(3)

- Nov 20, 2019-

Fourth, the connection of solar street light controller. Waterproof controllers should be used as much as possible to ensure that the long-term stability is maintained together, and the user can be prevented from changing the lighting time at will. If a controller that is not waterproof is used, the wiring is bent into a U-shape with the terminal block facing down, which prevents water from dripping from the line into the controller.

Fifth, we should try our best to use the copper core wire with better quality. Because of the reason of the conductivity, the current and voltage will have a certain loss in the process of output, so that not only the power consumption is added, but also the driving power of the LED cannot be operated normally under severe conditions. One such problem occurred in a construction site. The parameters of the driving power supply were set correctly. Everything was normal in the laboratory, but after being mounted on the lamp, the light subsided after 15 seconds. After inspection, it is because the quality of the line is too poor and the loss is large. The voltage from the output of the controller to the lamp head is now unsatisfactory. If you encounter such a problem, you can remove the drive power from the lamp cap and install it on the bottom of the lamp post. This will solve the problem. But some of the light effects will be lost. Therefore, it is very important to select good wires.


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