LED Display Traffic

- Jan 23, 2018-

Product Description

V type: DK P10-1
Screen size: 690 * 350 * 60 mm
Weight: 9.2 KG
Working voltage: DC12V
Battery life: more than 20 hours
Optional power supply many ways: 

  1. The internal 18650 lithium electric battery power supply.

  2. can be directly external 220 v ac power supply.

  3. Car charger power supply
    Control mode: manual or wireless remote control
    Change a word way: U disk change font or cell phone WIFI to send information to change the font is optional
    Store content: more than 200 messages
    Display effect: left, right, up, stationary and other hundreds of
    Use: portable traffic-induced screen can be used in engineering, traffic information, emergency rescue, accident investigation, evacuation, the traffic police on duty, emergency command management of emergency incidents.