Monetization of LED displays in the educational environment (up)

- Jan 23, 2019-


University budgets are tighter than ever, and administrators are feeling the heat.On the face of it, it is sometimes hard to justify the cost of dynamic LED displays.However, properly used in the right environment, LED displays can actually generate not only revenue, but also funding other important campus activities.Let's look at some ways to monetize LED displays in higher education institutions.

Attract the best and the brightest

Today's teenagers are growing up with digital displays every day.So when prospective students visit your campus, they will look for advanced digital displays to show that your school is on the cutting edge of technology.Digital signage and video walls placed in key locations can be used for navigation, highlighting campus facilities and activities, as well as sharing positive social media posts.Because the digital display is fully customizable, you can even welcome visitors for the day by name.All this adds up to an "" amazing factor" "that will help influence potential students in places where they will spend their tuition.

Expand the scope of the classroom

A video wall in a classroom or lecture hall can help turn a dry lesson into a reality.In addition, the interactive video wall encourages active learning and collaboration between students and teachers.Through the connected classrooms, students can easily interact with business leaders and subject matter experts from around the world.It also allows your school to increase student retention by offering innovative specialty programs and personalized degree programs without the financial burden of hiring additional teachers.Finally, through interactive video displays, you can expand your institutional reach to a wider range of paying users by seamlessly delivering courses from a remote location