Monetization of LED displays in the educational environment (down)

- Jan 25, 2019-

Increase your income by getting more exercise

Top college football and basketball programs are known to generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year for their schools.One of the ways they do this is by displaying them in huge outdoor stadiums, with paid advertising on video walls and digital scoreboards in public areas.However, even smaller digital displays can be used to generate significant advertising revenue and to highlight merchandise and concessions.You can also encourage social media sharing, enhance your school's image, and build interactions among alumni - thereby increasing donations to your sports programs.

Create engaging marketing messages
Your school may create many high quality marketing messages for use on local TV stations, during TV events and on your website.Add this content to your digital signage content rotation to gather places to build pride in your school and help ensure that students continue to learn in your institution.At your restaurant and food stall, digital signage can be used to increase revenue by advertising your most popular and profitable items and to help customers make quick decisions.In addition, your student union, campus bookstores, and campus vendors may wish to provide students and teachers with information about special sales, book buyback dates, and other benefits.