P16 outdoor plug-in display: the most popular outdoor factory advertising screen products

- Dec 18, 2018-

We know that in the field of outdoor display: P16 point spacing is the most common application, because it balances the pixel spacing, viewing distance, brightness, cost and other factors, has always been the preferred product for outdoor advertising large screen, although 

At present, outdoor displays also have a trend toward high-definition pixels, but P16 products still have a strong vitality.

timg.jpgDeke outdoor P16 display adopts engineering-specific modules developed by private board and private mode, which has the following advantages:

1. The lamp beads are made of Taiwan's wafer chip beads, which still have excellent performance under high current.

2. With 16*16 point module design, fewer plug-ins, better consistency and lower failure rate are achieved.

3. The use of accumulative IC and bright weft power supply ensures more stable and reliable electrical performance of the product, while improving the power conversion rate, energy saving and emission reduction.

4. The module adopts wide waterproof rubber ring design, which can easily cope with the harsh use environment of outdoor products.

5. The product assembly efficiency is super high and the signal transmission is stable by using pull-out and plug-in power supply base and gray horn seat.