Screen acceptance method (down)

- Dec 28, 2018-

LED electronic display inspection methods can be mainly from the following aspects

White balance effect white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display screen. In terms of chromatics, pure white will be displayed only when the proportion of the red, green and blue primary colors is 1:4.6:0.16. If the actual proportion has a little deviation, the deviation of white balance will occur. Generally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the white color is blue or yellow-green. The quality of the white balance is mainly determined by the control system of the display screen.


There is no color block. Color block refers to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules. The color transition is based on modules.


Whether there is Mosaic or dead point Mosaic refers to the small four squares that are always bright or often black on the display screen. The necrosis of modules is mainly caused by the poor quality of connectors used in the display screen.Dead point is to point to appear on the screen often bright or often black single point, how many dead points are mainly determined by the quality of the pipe core.