The Operating Priciple Of Solar Road Stud

- Feb 18, 2019-

Operating principle

Solar panels absorb sunlight during the day, the solar energy into electricity, protuberant spike type solar energy stored in the storage devices (batteries or capacitors), in the evening, the electricity automatically converted into light energy storage device (through the photoelectric switch control), through the LED light path outline, induce the driver line of sight.

Solar energy spike can be divided into embedded type and raised type according to the installation position.

The former is generally used in the center line, while the latter is generally used in the edge line.This is because the installation of the solar spike in the middle line of the pressure resistance performance requirements are particularly high, in order to solve this problem, had to put the solar spike buried in the ground, exposed to the ground only about 5 mm.And the solar energy spike used in the edge line against pressure performance requirements is not particularly high, protruding ground can still work effectively.

The solar energy spike can be divided into capacitance type and battery type according to the different energy storage elements, the former has a service life of up to five to seven years, while the latter generally has a service life of one to three years.

Because the embedded solar energy spike is very destructive to the road surface, and the cost of capacitor solar energy spike is too high, so at present, the most used solar energy spike is raised battery.