The Performance Index Of Solar Road Stud (up)

- Feb 18, 2019-

 Performance index

  Measure the performance of a solar spike from the following aspects.

  1. Compression resistance

If the solar energy spike can not bear a certain pressure, in the car after the crush or impact is very easy to be broken, nature can not work properly, so the pressure is a basic condition for the normal work of the solar energy spike.


But the problem is that the solar spike itself is an electronic product, including the electronic part, it is not easy to make the electronic part has a high degree of compressive performance, so generally speaking the solar spike compressive performance is worse than the ordinary spike.By 2014, the technical requirement of the ministry of communications is 10 tons.

There are several methods to effectively improve the compressive performance of solar spike: one is the exposed outside of the solar panel using PC bulletproof material, to enhance the electronic part of the compressive ability;Second, as far as possible to use IC control, in order to reduce the volume of electronic circuit, to reduce the pressure on the electronic part;Thirdly, some reinforcing bars are designed on the shell to share the pressure borne by the electronic part.

2. Folding sealing performance

If the solar energy spike is not completely sealed, it will naturally seepage, seepage will cause a short circuit in the circuit, the consequences are disastrous, so a qualified solar energy spike sealing performance is also must pass.

There are several ways to improve the sealing performance of solar spike:

(1) separation design.The LED lamp shade and the internal circuit board are designed in isolation. Even if the LED lamp shade is broken, the inside of the solar spike is still guaranteed not to leak water.

(2) strong neutral bonding material is adopted to ensure that the solar panel, LED lamp shade and spike housing are closely bonded without any gap in the middle.

3.  Luminance

Solar energy spike active light, clearly delineate the outline of the road;Compared with the reflective spike, one of its important characteristics is the intensity of light.The department of transportation requires 2,000 MCDS.