The FAQ Of Solar Road Stud

- Feb 20, 2019-

1. The compressive strength is not up to standard

The products installed on the road have problems with the compressive strength. The products are either crushed or separated from each other. This is actually caused by the unreasonable structure.


1, the internal hollow, hollow pressure

The danger of internal hollowness is also shown in the LED lampshade, which is damaged because of the hollowness, and then the LED itself will be damaged.

Detection method:

After the white board is drawn out, the steel ball falls freely at a height of one meter and strikes the solar spike LED lamp shade part vertically.See if the lampshade is broken.

2. Wrong pin structure

The nailed solar spike is divided into two parts, the lower part is the nail base part, the upper part is the solar panel, led and lamp shade part, the upper and lower parts are connected with a few screws, until 2014, most of the nailed solar spike is adopted this structure.When the product is installed on the road surface and fixed with glue, it actually only fixes and sticks the lower part of the solar road spike, and the upper part is only fixed to the lower part through a few small screws.

The problem that the solar energy road nail that takes nail foot most often produces, it is fluctuation two parts depart, in the process of rolling stone of the vehicle, a few screws are too flimsily, force is too small, the car presses a few, top flew off.

More stable without nail feet, without nail feet of the solar spike, the whole spike is glued to the ground, with nail feet of the spike, the top is quite similar to with a few small screws fixed to the ground.

2. Pseudo reflection

The first countries to make solar spike into active and passive light emitting are Japanese and Korean companies.Their requirement for solar spike is: if for a variety of reasons, the solar spike can not work, but also in the form of reflective spike to make up.

Authentic reflective core is cast on the needle type electroforming motherboard, the precision is very high, and after the motherboard has been used for several times, it is necessary to remove and re-polish, to ensure the reflectance of reflective core.Only a few companies in the world can make this type of needle motherboard, and some small electroforming foundries in China are not able to use the needle motherboard.This results in products that appear to be reflective, but are not.

Reflector identification method:

Place the solar spike 10 meters away. Hold a small flashlight in your hand. Place the flashlight between your eyes.