The principle of solar road Stud

- Nov 02, 2017-

Solar panels absorb sunlight during the day, convert solar energy into electrical energy, store in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors), and at night, the energy in the energy storage device automatically converts into light (through the photoelectric switch control), and the LED glows to outline the road, inducing the driver's sight.

According to the different installation position, the sun-energy spike can be divided into: embedding and protruding.The embedded type is generally used in the middle line, and the protruding type is generally applied to the edge line.This is because the central line of the solar spike in the resistance to pressure performance requirements particularly high, in order to solve this problem, had to put the solar spike into the ground, exposing the ground is only about 5 millimeters.The solar spikes used in the edge line are not particularly high against the pressure performance, and the protruding ground is still working effectively.

Solar spikes in accordance with the different energy storage components can be divided into capacitive and battery-type, the former life expectancy of up to 5-7 years, the latter's service life generally in a year to three years.