Traffic induced LED display function

- Mar 14, 2018-

1. According to the surveillance data provided by the bayonet monitoring system linked with the traffic guidance information release system, information on speeding violations and other information of vehicles driving within its jurisdiction are issued;

2. The variable information board of the expressway informs the driver of the current road conditions, such as warning signs in front of the construction, the location of the accident, strong winds, and heavy fog;

3, Can display simple graphics, speed limits, etc., so that drivers can better grasp the current road conditions;

4. As an indication of urban roads, in order to prevent roads from becoming unfamiliar, mistakes and traffic jams will be avoided and traffic accidents will be reduced;

5. Using real-time dynamic traffic distribution and traffic flow prediction theory, and LED traffic signs provide travelers with the best route to their destination;

6. Publish some friendly and friendly tips, such as: Drive with caution, pay attention to safety, do not fatigue, warmly welcome leaders to inspect and guide work, celebrate the National Day, etc.