What are the advantages of using LED rental screens

- Jul 10, 2017-

1. Environmental protection and energy saving, long life
Compared to traditional lamps and lighting, power is several times lower, and led rental screen has a very good visual effect. The life span is very long, even if the daily running, its life can reach several years.

2. Wide Application
LED rental screen because of pure color, thin and so on, and is widely used in a variety of activities performances, exhibitions, lectures, etc., in addition, whether it is outdoor or indoors can be compatible, innovative design whether it is lifting or stacking can be satisfied.

3. Safe and reliable
The use of low-voltage DC voltage supply voltage for the elderly, children, pregnant women are very safe. In addition, professional led rental screen using aluminum backplane to replace the traditional plastic bottom shell, not only flat, but also improve the heat dissipation performance, and waterproof effect, even outdoors does not affect watching.

4. Reduce cost output
LED Rental screen Box light weight, in transport can reduce the cost of output, box energy consumption is low, so can save operating costs, reduce labor costs.