What is LED pixel spacing and its importance?(up)

- Jan 25, 2019-


Pixel spacing is one of the most important criteria when talking about leds for digital signage.Pixel spacing describes the distance between two pixels in millimeters.This distance defines a lot about the look and performance of LED screens.It is also closely related to resolutions.

Pixel spacing is not as well known as resolution, and they are generally considered to be the same.This is a big misunderstanding.They are connected but not the same.In general, the smaller the number, the higher the resolution.

However, pixel spacing is independent of screen size.Just because two screens are the same size doesn't mean they have the same pixel spacing.

Small to large pixel spacing
Pixel spacing is basically a measure of density.Small pixel spacing means less density and space between each pixel.This is related to improved resolution.The larger the pixel spacing, the smaller the density.Large pixel spacing pales in comparison to their counterparts, but costs are lower.
Why is the Pixel Pitch crucial in digital signage
Digital signage, when well executed, should be driven by vivid images of the best viewing distance.The lower the pixel spacing, the more defined the image.If signage is something viewers can access, it's essential;The closer the observer gets, the less resolution there is.You don't want a screen where the viewer can see the black space between the pixels, so you need a very small spacing between the pixels.