What is the difference between front maintenance LED display and post maintenance?

- Dec 18, 2018-


When it comes to maintenance, the maintenance methods of LED displays are mainly divided into pre-maintenance and post-maintenance. What is the difference between these two maintenance methods?

Pre-maintenance: The pre-maintenance is characterized by space saving. For indoor or inlaid, wall-mounted installations, the space is extremely expensive, so there is not much left as a maintenance access. Therefore, the pre-maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure, which can be well integrated with the surrounding architectural environment, and can also save space while ensuring the effect. However, this structure has a very high requirement for the heat dissipation function of the device.

Post-maintenance: The advantage of post-maintenance is that the price is slightly lower, suitable for installation scenarios such as roof type and column type, and the inspection and maintenance are convenient and efficient. 

For large LED displays installed on the exterior of the building, maintenance access must be provided for maintenance personnel to perform maintenance and overhaul from the back of the screen.