Advantages And Usage Of Solar Warning Lights

- Sep 06, 2019-

The advantage of the first point is that it uses solar energy as a source of energy, so warning lights do not require any cables or wires, and more importantly, solar energy is a completely pollution-free energy source.

The second advantage is that it uses a lithium iron phosphate battery that is long-lasting and environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance for five years.

The third point is the use of high-brightness LED light sources. In addition, the solar warning light adopts the integrated circuit management design, which can be automatically and quickly charged in daylight and cloudy weather. The battery casing is also very strong, waterproof and dustproof. In order to ensure that the solar warning light can be used normally for a long time, in general, we should try to install the solar warning light in a place with sufficient sunlight so that it can receive sunlight well. In addition, when charging, it should be Turn off the switch in time.

When warnings are issued on high buildings, protective measures must be taken to prevent warning lights from falling from the top of the building and causing safety hazards.