Application Of Straight Insert Bead And Patch Bead

- Mar 13, 2021-

    Have a nice weekend,this is DEKE,welcome back to my channel. Yesterday,we discussed the different and advantage straight insert bead and patch bead,our product also use the two styles bead,can explain the two styles bead by show product.

    Synchronous flashing battery barricade light. this product use straight insert bead,also it has two working modes,sequential flashing and synchronous flashing by turn up or down the switch. Because it is a function that relies on infrared light to achieve synchronous flashing and sequential flashing, so when placing the product, the deviation should not exceed 30 degrees,and the distance between the front and back should not be more than 10 meters,6-10 meters is suitable,can guarantee the product working as normal.


    And it has 90 LED lights,the frequency of each flash is up to 60 times per minute,so the lights visibility can up to 1000 meters,at the same time of its long range, its rays are very concentrated,the battery cna continue working more than 100 hours,two batteries can work long time and don't worry about its service life. The life span of product can work up to 5 years. The product's quality is excellent and its function is convenient,it don't need to cautious something such as order,just distance.

    Solar barricade warning light with 2 LED lamp beads. It use patch bead to provide lights and its lamp bead is high brightness,visual distance can up to more than 500 meters and flashing frequency is 90 times per minutes. It have two working modes,flashing mode and steady bright mode with light control,start to work at night,stop working on daytime.At the same time,just need 8 hours to recharge energy,in the flashing mode,it can use up to 15 days,can work long time.


    For the patch lamp beads,even through the irradiation distance is not particularly long,but it has excellent performance in the heat dissipation of lamp bead and the divergence of light source,the service life of battery is 2 years and solar panel is 3 years. Whatever you choos which products,it must be meet your use and purchase requirements,according to your needs to buy products.

    If you have any product's questions,please leave message for us,we will reply you soon. See you next time!