Attention To The Design Of The LED Display Box

- Jul 10, 2017-

The exhaust hole should be arranged near the upper side of the box, and the inlet hole should be arranged in the lower side of the box, but not too low to prevent dirt and water from entering the box installed in the ground.

The design should make natural convection conducive to forced convection, air should be from the box under the direction of circulation above, should use the Special air inlet or vent, should make the cooling air from the heat of electronic components flow, at the same time need to prevent airflow short-circuit, inlet hole, vent at the need to set up a strainer to prevent debris into the box.

The design must ensure that the inlet and outlet are away from the air, to avoid the use of repeated cooling.

To ensure that the direction of the radiator tooth groove parallel to the wind direction, the radiator teeth groove can not block the wind.

Fan installed in the system, due to structural constraints, inlet and outlet is often a variety of blocking, its performance curve will change, according to practical experience, the fan inlet and outlet is best with the barrier 40mm distance, if there is space restrictions, also should be at least 20mm.