Base Of Different Materials-Two

- Mar 03, 2021-

    Have a good day,welcome to my channel,this is DEKE. About material of the base,let's talk about that in more detail today.

    ABS is a very hard and durable material,in our products,ABS usually was used to safety helmet and product's base,It has a strong heat resistance, high temperature resistance characteristics, and also has a certain anti-drop anti-hit characteristics,so it makes perfect sense to use this material on the helmet,it not noly can protect constructors' head safety and health security,but also can use long time in the open air.


    Safety is a very important issue when working outdoors in construction,so the quality of product is very important,it must be durable and hard,at the same time,the product can be provided with comfortable and lightweight,because it will be weared long time at work,so the requirements of all aspects of the product should be suitable for work.

    When ABS is used in the base of the product, the requirements for it are different. It may need to be fixed in a certain place, or put on other products to cooperate with the use. For example,we use ABS material on the product's base,need to fix in road cone and put it on an iron rack and use other products to help stabilize it,can use it more convenient.


    Using ABS as the base of the product, on the one hand, is to improve the quality of the product, on the other hand, is to give customers a better sense of use in terms of the product.Although ABS material is more expensive than others material,but it can be used more wider range and area,its seevice life more longer than others products,good quality makes the product better,but it is important for clients to choose the suitable material,according to your demands to choose your products.

    Hope this essay can help you learn more about ABS material,any questions,you can leave the message to Mia,see you next time!