Collapsible Road Cone

- Dec 28, 2020-

    Today, let's talk about the use of collapsible road cones and their various properties, so you can choose and use them.

    We have introduced four road cones of different sizes, which are 11 inches, 16 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches respectively. The corresponding height and base dimensions are 33cm, 42cm, 62cm, 71cm and 19*19cm, 24.5cm*24.5cm, 29.5*29.5cm, 29.5*29.5cm, and 29.5*29.5cm, respectively.

    Foldable design for easy storage. The height can be chosen according to usage requirements and can be easily folded up to 1.3 inches high, making it easy to store. Just press the top to fold and be ready to use.

    High visibility cone with a reflector. Bright fluorescent orange is visible from 800 feet away and can be seen from any Angle, day or night. A high-strength silver reflector belt increases visibility, deflects the light from headlights, flashlights, cell phone lights, etc., and folds the cone for use at night in roadside emergencies, making the road cone very eye-catching and easy to alert pedestrians.

    Complies with MUTCD standards. Comply with MUTCD regulations for traffic cones and access equipment. Orange waterproof solid Oxford cloth, no smell, health, safety, impact resistance. Two silver reflective tape made of high quality waterproof reflective material. This makes our traffic cones more flexible and very durable.

    There is a fixed collar inside the cone. The fixed collar inside the cone, made of advanced PP, is far superior to similar products, making our traffic cone more upright in use and able to cope with severe weather or road conditions, being firm and flexible in hot or cold.

    Large square base. The large bottom design and a certain thickness of the cone body increase the wind resistance, so that the traffic cone firmly grasp the road, will not be easily overturned and blown down. A sturdy, sturdy design can be kept in place. Ideal for emergency responders, schools, municipalities, parking lots, buildings, multi-purpose trucks, trailers, road safety, hazard markings, and a variety of other applications.

    A wide range of uses, folding road cone can be used with the barricade lights, the top of the road cone can be placed in a circular hole, you can put some light products on it, strengthen the warning, let people in the dark even without a flashlight can notice.

    Apparently, in the selection of products, but also according to their own needs to choose products, do the most in line with the requirements of procurement.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time.