Battery Polyester Reflective Vest With LED

- Dec 29, 2020-

    Today, we continue to introduce our new reflective vest with LED beads. After talking about this reflective vest, you can compare the four styles and choose the one that suits you best.

    Most of the material of reflective vest is polyester mesh cloth, accessories for reflective cloth. Polyester mesh has many holes for air and is strong enough not to be damaged easily. Reflective cloth is very reflective, when light hits it, it will immediately reflect back, let drivers and pedestrians notice you.


    Length is 56cm, suitable for most people. The waist adopts adjustable Velcro for large size adjustment, and the adjustable range is 70-105cm. Whether you're fit or slim, wear a reflective vest to your workout to keep you safe. At the same time, there are three LED lights in the back, which can give full play to the effect of reflecting light. Not only rely on its reflective material, but also LED lights as the main protection and reminder configuration.

    Intimate pocket design. On the front of the reflective vest is a device that can hold cell phones, keys, watches, headphones, money, and other items of similar size. Free your hands while exercising and protect your personal belongings.


    The bulk of the body is made of breathable polyester, which reduces the weight of the product, and the design of many air holes also makes the reflective vest more comfortable to wear, even if you are in a hot weather, there is no feeling of heat. The biggest advantage of the product is easy to carry and foldable. Keep it in your car and take it out whenever and wherever you need it, just in case.

    This reflective vest is perfect for running, jogging, biking, hiking, motorcycling, walking, dog walking, and all outdoor activities. It will also perform the same task for construction workers and police, as well as for those who have to create safe zones for themselves and their colleagues in the dark.


    Not only can this reflective vest be seen at more than 800 feet at night, but it also covers 360 degrees in all weather conditions, so you can stay safe while outdoors at night. This is a must for those who must work in low-light or zero-light areas. It's also great for runners, cyclists, and athletes working out in the morning and at night. Bright fluorescent colors enhance visibility in daylight, fog, and rain, with reflective tape providing maximum reflection and visibility. Vests are longer, more comfortable, and fit and adjustable for a variety of body types and sizes for all seasons.


    Listen to Mia explain the products,see you next time!