Circle Road Warning Lamp

- Nov 23, 2020-

    Recently,Road warning light is popular and demand is huge.Today,let us learn about this product,from Material、style、Function、Application and Packaging.

    Material:PC shell、TPP Elastic Plastic protective shell and  ABS Hanger.PC material with high strength, size stability, heat aging, outdoor long-term aging, solvent resistance, excellent insulation performance characteristics, is the manufacture of electronic, electrical parts of the ideal material.Product shell outsourcing TPR elastic plastic, anti-rolling vehicles.ABS hanger is durable.And the product is waterproof.

    Style:Two styles,Battery Warning Light and Rechargeable Warning Light.There are four colors of the shell,red、yellow、orange and blue,the LED source is red.

    Funcation:The function has 9 optional modes, the order is three continuous flash, two continuous flash, single flash, running horse light, alternating flash, SOS, continuous highlight, continuous medium light, white light, and finally off, with magnetic.

    Application:This road warning lamp emits 360-degree light with high brightness and can continue to emit light, playing a better warning role. It is mainly used in places with potential safety hazards to remind people to pay attention to safety and reduce the loss of human and financial resources.

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    Packaging:According the different price,the packaging is different.Three package methods:whole carton packaging, single carton packaging, three lamps a Oxford cloth bag packaging.

    That's all for the presentation. Looking forward to seeing you next time!