Comparison Of Four Reflective Vests-Four

- Jan 04, 2021-

    Good day. Have you finished your vacation and started your work today? I hope your work goes well in the New Year. Without further ado, let's begin today's lecture. In previous issues, we compared four reflective vests of different sizes from length, suitable for people, material, design of LED lights, way of adjusting the size, whether there are pockets and washing methods of products.


    The sales volume of reflective vests is still very high, especially welcomed by foreign customers. It may be because foreign countries have a stronger sense of self-safety and protection than us, so the main sales market of reflective vests and reflective vests is still in Europe and the United States.

    But in China, you also see some people wearing reflective clothing and reflective vests. The police and motorcycle drivers wear them very frequently. Their jobs require a lot of contact with cars, so reflective clothing and reflective vests can protect them to a large extent. We don't wear reflective safety clothing or reflective vests, even when we run or go out at night, so domestic demand is relatively low.


    But our reflective vests are available in both style and color, as well as leds for added safety protection. You can choose a reflective vest with a little more reflective material, or a simple reflective vest with LED lights. Choose the product according to your own preference. Our four reflective vests can meet the needs and choices of different groups of people, more easily accepted by the majority of people.

    In terms of material, reflective vests are not very different. Most of them are made of polyester with good air permeability, but they are also strong enough not to worry about their life. Three of our four products are made of reflective sheets combined with polyester, and one is made of elastic and elastic and reflective lattice. The quality and service life are good.


    LED is installed according to the overall design of reflective vest. Considering the coordination of products and the degree of safety protection, we have different numbers of LED lamp beads on different products. Let LED lights play a greater role to better protect the wearer's own safety.


    As for the cleaning of the product, it must be noted that if the product contains LED lights, it must not be cleaned with clean water, which is likely to cause damage to the LED lights. A small brush can be used to scrub the LED lights in a small area, but water should not be allowed to touch the LED lights and battery parts, so as to ensure the LED lights can work normally. If there are no LED lights, gently clean the product to avoid damaging the reflectors, which do not reflect light well.


    That's all for today's explanation. If you have any questions, please leave a message and let me know. I will do my best for you. Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!