Comparison Of Four Reflective Vests-One

- Dec 30, 2020-

    We've finished talking about four new products in our store, reflective vests. With all that said, how much do you really know? Do you think they are all the same and choose without knowing their outstanding characteristics? Today I'd like to compare these four different reflective garments.

    First, compare the lengths of the four lengths and analyze each one to find the right crowd so you can quickly find the right reflective vest for you.Start with length's shortest reflective vest.

    With a length of 30-43cm, this reflective vest is the shortest of the four. Depending on its length, suitable for women under 170cm in height, this reflective vest can also be worn by teenagers without any sense of restraint or discomfort. It completely relaxes the wearer's arms without any hindrance even during exercise. At the same time, you can adjust the length according to your personal preference.


    In the second one, length is 44cm, which is a fixed length, so there is no way to make an adjustment.
Suitable for the crowd or suggest women and teenagers, would be more suitable for a bit. Of course, slim men can also wear, if the height is too high, do not choose this one, it may be short, cause discomfort, is not conducive to outdoor exercise.


    The third reflective vest comes in two sizes, M and L, the length of M is 47cm, and the length of L is 50cm, which is slightly longer than the previous two. And it is suitable for a wider range of groups, both men and women can wear outdoor sports and exercise. The arms and underarms are free of any restraints and are well suited to people's exercise needs.


    The last reflective clothing, length is 56cm in length, which is more suitable for men or those with strong body. You don't have to worry about finding suitable reflective safety clothing, you can also wear reflective clothing for outdoor sports like others. The overall design of the reflective vest is also fully considered the aspects of wear and storage, very convenient to wear and save, collapsible material is very convenient.


    About material qualitative respect, besides the first and other design are different, what use is elastic elastic band and plastic material are qualitative, what glance material uses is to glance lattice. The other three are all breathable polyester fabrics, and the reflective materials are respectively European standard reflective materials and reflective fabrics according to the order.

    The material of reflective vest is introduced, so you can have a better understanding of its weight. It is very light, it doesn't feel on the body, but it can play a role of safety protection. I'm going to talk about two differences this time, and we'll pick up on that next time, so be sure to look at that..

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!