Comparison Of Four Reflective Vests-Three

- Jan 03, 2021-

    Hello, everyone, this is Mia, i am back. Did you spend the New Year holiday with your family? In the New Year, I wish you a higher and higher position and a smooth work, so get to work now.

    Let's review which features of reflective vests we mentioned in the previous two issues. Basically, we compared the four features of four different sizes of reflective vests, namely length, material, whether there are LED lights and the adjustment mode of reflective vests. Today, we continue our discussion of the different features of these four reflective vests, starting with whether there are pockets and how they are washed.


    Judging from the size of the four reflective vests and the size of the pockets, which one do you think won't have pockets? Yes, the first reflective vest didn't have pockets, and given its original size, pockets didn't make sense. Its overall size is very narrow, but it's also light, and even with a pocket, it's hard to move things around, and the reflective vest can lean forward.

    However, the other three designs all have built-in pockets. In comparison, the other three designs are larger in overall area than the first one, so the design of pockets is completely suitable. The pockets of the reflective vest are inside the front of the garment to protect the wearer's belongings and prevent them from being left behind.


    Pocket size can be put down the key to the wearer, paper towels, money, watches, the headset and mobile phones and other personal belongings, and have a magic stick at the exit to the pocket design, the pocket paste up, prevent the items in the wearer's movement, run, walk drops out, avoid the loss of the goods more protection.

    At the same time, the pocket design is built in, so it is not easy for thieves to find and steal, and it is easier to know if the item is still in their pocket. This pocket design is also very convenient, no longer have to worry about where the phone should be placed during running, free the wearer's hands, free movement.


    As for the washing method, as the first, second and fourth models have LED lights, we should try to avoid contact with water during washing. At the same time, as long as the stains are not very large, we can directly wipe the stains with a wet cloth or scrub small areas, and pay attention to the waterproof nature of LED lights. Compared to other models, the third model can be washed with water, but still pay attention to the cleaning, do not rub, so as not to damage the reflective vest reflective strip, resulting in a lack of reflective power.


    This is the feature of the reflective vest we discussed today. If you have any questions about the product, please let me know, and I will also help you solve it. Listen to Mia explain the products,see you next time!