Comparison Of Four Reflective Vests-Two

- Dec 31, 2020-

    It's a good day to start, but let's pick up where we left off yesterday on the differences between the four reflective vests. Yesterday we talked about the material of four reflective vests and two differences of length. Today, we will carefully explain whether there are LED lights and adjustment methods.


    We all know that reflective vest the above leds can better improve the night runner at night running or sports safety coefficient, reflective vest on reflective material glow while also can have a certain amount of warning role, but normally on or flashing mode of the LED light can be in the absence of light, still attract the attention of the vehicles and pedestrians, let security further.

    I'm going to do it in the order that length was yesterday, from short to long, just so you can see it a little bit better. Four reflective vests, there are three designs with LED lights, except for the third design with no LED lights. And leds are placed on the back to protect the blind area of vision behind people. Although these three models all have LED lights, the number of them is different.


    The first reflective vest has four LED lights with high brightness. Because the overall area of this reflective vest is the smallest among the four, it is very reasonable to design four LED lights, which not only takes into account the characteristics of the product itself, but also makes the wearer safer.


    The second reflective vest has six LEDS, the most of the four. Its overall area is normal size, mostly polyester fabric, reflective strips distributed in front and back and shoulder position. However, for better protection, six LED lights are installed, which are brighter than the other two to improve the overall coefficient of personal safety protection.


    The final reflective vest with LED lights has three LEDS. Because the overall material and weight of reflective clothing is relatively light. Therefore, the overall coordination of the product is also taken into full consideration when placing the number of LED lights. If the weight in the back is too heavy, the reflective vest will move backward when you go out for exercise, making it difficult for the wearer to move.

    In addition, all of our reflective vests with LED lights are battery models. There are also switches for adjusting modes, including flash, slow flash and constant light.


    For the waist adjustment, the first and second products are through the way to move buttons to carry out an elastic adjustment. The third and fourth products use Velcro paste to adjust the waist size. Both of them are convenient and can be adjusted anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the waist size is also very large. The maximum waist size is 110cm, which can meet the waist size of more people.

    You should already know most of the features and components of our new reflective vest. But I haven't gone through all the features of the product yet. So you know, next time we'll learn about new features together.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time!