Customized Product -- Amber, Red, Green, White, Blue Are Available

- Jan 06, 2020-

Customized Product -- Amber, Red, Green, White, Blue are available

The solar aviation obstacle lamp manufactured by deco has a high-efficiency solar panel for large capacity maintenance-free storage battery, providing electric energy for the flashers to flash at night, and a sufficient amount of electric energy to ensure the continuous rain and normal flash for 30 days.Light source life up to 20 years, can be called the green maintenance - free navigation sign flashing lights.This product is especially suitable for high-rises which are not easy to connect to the power supply, power communication towers, tall chimneys, Bridges, exploration Wells, Marine navigation ships and aircraft runways, etc.


Green Color


Red Color


Amber Color

Dk-HK-03 is a red flashing aviation obstruction light, which can be used alone or with low light intensity when the building is higher than 45m but less than 105m.When the height of the building is higher than 105m, it can be used together with medium light intensity type A or high light intensity to play the role of aviation obstruction warning.