Deke New Product Multi-functional Traffic Baton.

- Dec 24, 2019-

       Deke new product multi-functional traffic baton


Deke new product multi-functional traffic baton can be used for road traffic, population concentration, as a traffic evacuation command, its structure is made of plastic ABS handle switch, PCB circuit, LED LED and PC carbon tube, its structure is compact, reasonable arrangement, at night 1000 meters away to see the light indication.

This product fully embodies the products of the modernization period, and plays a leading role in the current traffic safety, achieving the purpose of controlling traffic and evacuating vehicles.


Trumper and flasher


Floodlight and Rechargeable


Traffic baton is a sign to ensure our safety across the road, so must be in accordance with the signs of the baton road, in order to avoid traffic accidents, life-threatening safety.

(1) straight signal: extend the right arm of the stick to the right, and then lower the arm to the left, allowing the right and left vehicles to pass straight ahead;Vehicles turning to the right of each party may pass without obstructing the passage of the released vehicles.


(2) left turn signal: extend the arm of the right hand holding rod forward, allowing the vehicles on the left to turn and go straight through;Allow the vehicle to turn left when the right arm swings to the right front at the same time;Vehicles turning on the right of each side and vehicles going straight on the right side of the t-junction without crossing may pass without obstructing the passage of the released vehicles.But not for pedestrians.


(3) stop signal: the arm of the right hand bar bends straight upward, no vehicle is allowed to pass, then pedestrians can pass.However, vehicles that have crossed the stop line may continue to pass.