Diamond Hand Slap Shoulder Lamp

- Dec 04, 2020-

    Today's product,Diamond Hand Slap Shoulder Lamp.

    The shoulder light’s external dimension is 94*38*30mm, its weights 130g and including packing box. The Lithium battery is 3.7V 430mA.

    Two Flashing mode, alternately red and blue, flashing together. The shoulder light Working hours more than 8 hours, The Charging time more than 4 hours, the Visual distance is 500M.

    Glove work mode. handclap flash stop, easy to operate in winter.If you are using it in winter or cold weather, don't worry about the inconvenience. Although you are wearing gloves, you can still operate the shoulder lamp. The shoulder lamp has glove mode. Glove mode is very humanized and can bring great convenience to users.

    It can work at -30~+50 degrees,waterproof is IP65, The waterproof performance is very good, can better adapt to different working environment, even in the rainy day to use it, there is no problem, will not cause any problems.

    Shoulder light color are red and blue, and it can be customized, there are 10 red LED lights,10 blue LED lights and 1 white LED light. The brightness is very large, and the brightness and working mode can be adjusted according to different requirements, which greatly facilitates users.It's an iron clip, convenient and safe to wear.

    Charging tip, the charging red indicator lights up, the full charge green indicator lights up, and the red light goes out. USB charging is similar to android phone chargers, making charging easier and faster.

    Listen to Mia explain the products, see you next time.