Different Between Safety Emergency And Road Warning Light

- Mar 08, 2021-

    Have a good day,this is DEKE,welcome back to my channel. Happy international working women's day. Let‘s talk abou the difference between safety emergency light and road warning light,so that you can more learn about the product.

    Product's shape. From the appearance of the product,you can straightly find the difference safety emergency light and road warning light. The safety emergency light is elliptical and the height is taller than road warning light,the road warning light is surrounded by TPR material, which looks more robust and durable,the shape of road warning light can accept more pressure form outside. At the same time,the safety emergency is also durable and strong,even through it does't have protective measures,but its shape also can avoid many destroies,you can use it very convenient.

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    Working modes. Safety emergency light have two working mode,flashing orange warning lights and pure white lights steady bright,and flashing orange warning lights can be seen in a long distance to remind pedestrian and driver. Road warning light have two styles,battery road warning light and rechargeable road warning light,have nine kinds of functions,quickly flashing, slowly flashing, single flashing, rotating flashing, alternating flashing, SOS, red light on, red light dark, top 3 LED white light on, finally off. In the function,road warning light is more than safety emergency light,according to your requirements to choose suitable product.

    Main material. Safety emergency light is ABS material,this material has a high hardness, not easy to be damaged, and the overall weight of the product is relatively light. On the other hand,road warning light is PC material with TPR shell and ABS pothook,the pothook can be hung where that you need,no matter where you are,it is very convenient to use.


    Work automatically. Safety emergency light can work by itself,when it contact with iron and steel and stop working,when leave the iron and steel,because at the bottom of the safety emergency light have a magnetic part,magnetoinduction can make it quickly into the working state. So when you're driving outdoors and in an accident, you can put it on top of your car to alert the driver behind you to the accident to protect your safe.

    Next time we'll talk about the similarities between the two products.     If you have some questions,please leave message for us,see you next time!