Different Size Solar Ceiling Light

- Mar 20, 2021-

    Have a good day, everyone, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel.We talked the large solar warning ceiling light last time, actually we have two size solar warning ceiling lights, according to their different product's size and to adapt different places.

    The size of solar panel. Because of the product's size and the power are different, thier size of solar panel also is different. For the little one, it can be used in the indoor and not wide range place, so It's not going to have a lot of power output, so it's going to make a difference when it's collecting solar energy.


    But for the large one, it must be used in the open air, tower, chimney, bridge and high building, so its working environment requires it to emit more light to illuminate further areas, so it will be larger in the solar panel processing, storing more energy during the day, which can supply the work requirements at night.

    The number of light beads and visual range. The large one have 12 crystals 14 error chips and its visual range can up to 1500 meters, can easily notice the light and watch out. The little solar warning ceiling light's visual range can up to 1000 meters, because its just has 6 crystals 14 error chips. At the same time, in terms of the use of the product, the two products have different positioning, aiming at different use areas to use the product reasonably. Large size products need to meet more requirements, for the light source and visual distance need to meet certain requirements. Small products can be used on a small scale, such as graden, roof and indoor.


    Magnetic, depending on where the product is placed, different size of product have different magnetic strength, large products have three magnets to fix the product, to prevent damage because the magnetic force is too small. The small product have one magnetic to completely fix, when it is used,it is very convenient. Other things about materials, composition, switches and operating modes are the same for different sizes of products, but the differences are limited to power.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact with Mia and you can leave message for us, see you next time!