Different Type Of Solar Strobe Light

- Mar 24, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel, last article, we talked the characters of solar strobe light about its parts, working mode, lamp beads and size of solar panel, there are very simple to understand and learn. Today, let's talk about different type of solar strobe light.

    There are two modal solar strobe light about their soalr panel style, the solar strobe light we introduced yesterday is the solar panel and the main part of the product together, but we also have another style, the solar panels are separated from the main body. Maybe you are confused why is there such a structure? In order to meet more and different requirements.

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    The integrated solar strobe light is very convenient and portable, but there is a questions how to collection more energy from sunlight at daytime.The size of the solar panel of the integrated flash light is set according to the size of the product, if the solar strobe light's size is small, of course the solar panel's size is small too. But if you don't require its have so much power and warning lights, it can meet your requirements to suitable working environment and visual distance.

    When you want to find a higher lights and energy solar strobe light, you must be increase size of solar panel.Split type solar strobe light can meet your requirements to get more energy and sunlight, it doesn't limit the size of the solar panel by the size of the main body, it's independent of the body part and to collect sunlight and energy. Because it was used on highway and runway to play a warning role, its light is high brightness and can travel over long distance.


    Integral and split are the same in terms of the structure of the product, the working mode, the size of the switch, the size of the light panel, just to meet the different working requirements to change the size of the solar panel, want more brightness, change the solar panel to meet the requirements of the product.

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